Carmona Denies Misspending Allegations- Says “Presidential Wine” was Saucy Wow’s Idea

President Anthony Carmona has issued a statement today, denying allegations of misspending public funds on wine and jewellery. Carmona said that the “Presidential House” wine was actually a soca collaboration between himself and Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon:

“Soca does in fact give meh powers that you do not think I have. One of them is wining. I had planned to release a soca tune with the Wining Queen herself, Denise Belfon.”

The president went on to explain that the $2 million spent to produce the song was completely reasonable:

“We give Machel $5 million to produce an album, and I think I was the only person who buy it. So $2 million for one song that we will remember for one Carnival season is worth it.”

Carmona then lashed out at “armchair journalists”, saying that instead they should aspire to be successful “couch potato presidents” like himself.



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