Central “Businessman” Reconciles with Battered Wife- Ian Alleyne Heartbroken

Months after pressing charges against her husband, the wife of auto and real estate dealer (and some other kind of “dealer”) Sheron Sukhdeo has dropped all charges against her husband in court on Monday.

Sheron was charged after his wife, Rachael, posted pictures of marks of violence about her body on social media. The event sparked national outrage, and was the cause of a heated exchange between Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne, and Insp. Roger Alexander of “Beyond the Tape”, culminating in Alleyne being assaulted and arrested by his former friend.

We managed to contact Ian Alleyne who shared his thoughts on the matter:

“I glad for my boy, but at the same time I disappointed too. When Rachael leave, I tell Sheron leave that woman where she is, she not worth it. I even take a jail for he and now to hear that they back together, that is just heartbreaking.”

“I remember it clearly, just us two lonely people together. Then all of a sudden Alexander show up out of nowhere with camera and police. A man can’t even get time alone with his pardner now?”

In spite of compelling evidence against Sheron, enough for him to be prosecuted in court, his wife decided that bygones should be bygones and dropped all charges citing forgiveness, compassion and a complete failure to protect abused persons by the state as her primary reasons.

Meanwhile, the Late O’Clock News was able to contact “Beyond the Tape” host Insp. Roger Alexander to comment:

“I didn’t mean to act up so, yuh know. Is just that I tell him to leave me alone, but he still nagging and provoking me. So I thought a lil rough up like what them boys in the station does do their wives would have calmed him down. I just wondering if it’s too late to say ‘sorry’ “.



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