Citizens Protest Anthem Over Increase in Cost of Doubles

Days after an increase in the cost of doubles was announced, citizens across Trinidad and Tobago have vowed that they will no longer stand at attention during the playing of the national anthem. Instead they plan to do what Trinis have been doing for years- absolutely nothing.

When asked to justify this course of action, many people claimed that the price increase does not reflect the true meaning of the national anthem:

“The opening lines of our anthem says ‘Forged from the love of liberty’ but I just not feeling the liberation knowing that doubles will be $5” one citizen remarked, while another commented:

“We have boundless faith in our destiny, and my destiny is not to pay $5 for no damn doubles”.

Meanwhile others have questioned the long-held belief that god is a Trini: “How god could be a Trini when everybody in Trinidad want doubles to go back to $1?”

Local economists predict that the cost increase may affect doubles as a national food.




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