Dangerous Parents Euthanised After Failing To Protect Baby From Abused Dog

Three days after a family’s abused Rottweiler-mix attacked and mauled a 6 month old baby to death, authorities have euthanised the parents of the baby as it was determined that they were not fit to take care of anything, including themselves.

According to authorities, police arrived on the scene after being notified of the baby’s death where they discovered the emaciated and starving dog (Named Simba) living under dismal conditions. Worse yet, upon further investigation police uncovered a harrowing finding: the child’s parents were both members of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation. At this point, an assessment by a trained veterinarian was requested to determine if the parents were responsible enough to avoid euthanasia.

After examining both parents in their poorly fitting clothes and dirty, disheveled hair, it was concluded that due to their inability to handle responsibilities to other living creatures (human, animal and plant), Shayes Khan and his wife Vishma Bisoon needed to be put down. The culture of living bacteria in the grime and filth on the premises of Mr. Khan’s property appeared to be the only thriving signs of life that were well cared for.

Speaking with the Late O’Clock News, Dr. Justina Newton informed us of the decision to euthanise:

“Euthanasia is a process where we end the life of an animal either because of suffering, or because he/she was a threat to the well-being of another person or animal, including livestock. After a behaviour and common sense assessment was given, we decided that the best way to prevent this from happening again…that is the death of a baby as a result of negligence and abuse of the family pet, we decided that the best solution was to have the baby’s parents euthanised. When you think about it, isn’t that how the death penalty is justified?”

Due to budget cuts, the chemicals needed to humanely put down Shayes and Vishma were not available. Instead, a nearby officer drew his pistol and fired two shots into the head of each parent, after which their bodies were placed into plastic garbage bags and incinerated.




  1. I usually love the articles that you write, however this is too harsh. While I agree the parents may not have treated the dog well, they did lose their child.

  2. Guys, although I do symphatise with the parents.

    The dog was abused and mistreated and the LOCN is promoting awareness with quality satire.

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