EBC Replaces Voting Ink With Curry To Better Reflect T&T Political Culture

Some of you may have noticed something very unusual taking place in Trinidad & Tobago today called the ‘curry finger challenge’.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it from the eccentric elderly neighbour who called the police to shut down your parang lime, or from that friend who parrots insults like ‘Kamliar’, ‘dUNCe’ or ‘Impbert’ in comment sections on facebook.

The curry finger challenge requires an individual to post a photograph of them smiling while displaying their curry stained index finger outside a school in their area.

It’s more annoying than the mannequin challenge, but you’d probably rather these people do a mannequin challenge instead because it would entail them shutting up.

It is possible many of you don’t yet know the curry finger challenge is a thing since so few are partaking. The challenge is having a hard time breaking into the mainstream and only got started on Monday November 28th.

But of course, with us being members of the media, we feel obliged to ride this wave and label it viral so the prophecy fulfills itself. Naturally, we’ll be here to beat the dead horse long after the carcass rots as well; so here goes….

We put one of our investigative reporters on the case, who was able to trace the origins of the curry finger challenge back to a so-called ‘local government elections’ taking place on this very date ofNovember 28th in Trinidad & Tobago.

Members of the Late O’Clock News team were shocked to learn of this puzzling phenomenon, so our next step was to immediately contact the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC). And the head of the organisation, Mrs Renee Mayweather, confirmed for us that there is indeed an election taking place in Trinidad & Tobago on this date.

She said: “Many people were confused as to whether or not there was an upcoming election, since there has been nothing in the news lately but talks of roti and pelting roti at members of parliament. Unfortunately, more important issues seemed to fall to the wayside as a result.”

Mrs Mayweather, went on to explain that as a result of this, the EBC decided to replace voting ink with a dab of curry, hoping that this would cause voter turnout to rise.

“It’s really simple. We need voters to exercise their rights as per usual so we’re giving a little incentive. We are serving roti in the voting booth, where we simply ask that you dab some curry onto your ballot next to your preferred candidate and then you are free to leave. The only condition is that you can’t wash your hands for the rest of the day.”

When asked whether this was a vigorous method of ensuring voter integrity Mrs Mayweather insisted that it would be effective.

“It doesn’t matter if the curry washes off their finger because we are more concerned at this time about getting voters to come out even once. I highly doubting anyone wants to go through this twice.”

The decision to shift from ink to curry has garnered praise on both ends of the political spectrum as several members of parliament say it better reflects the political culture of our twin republic. However, one UNC operative has informed us under condition of anonymity, that should their party be defeated at the polls, they intend to sue the EBC for fraud, racism and stealing the colour yellow.



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