Government Saves Money on Christmas Decorations by Painting Entire Red House Green

The controversial restoration of the Red House in Port of Spain, is once again under scrutiny as talks of replacing the iconic red paint continue to circulate. The red colour, which is responsible for giving the House of Parliament its name, may soon be changed forever due to ongoing budget cuts in the nation.


In response to why this decision was made, an Anonymous Government Minister had this to say: “When the cost of restoration is as high as $891Million, I think it is our duty to start tightening the belt, in whatever ways we can.”


He continued: “The government has entered into a lucrative partnership with the local company for a largely discounted price on the colour Green. And the way I see it is: why stay with Red and pay more, when we can switch to a more reliable and affordable alternative?”


In closing, the minister stated: “I really don’t understand what all the hullaballoo is about. Green is colour that is associated with value!



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