Licensing Office Demands Credit For Inventing Mannequin Challenge

A senior official in the Licensing Office has said they are upset the world stole their idea for performing a ‘Mannequin Challenge’.

The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ is a viral online sensation that entails filming a group of people simultaneously frozen in the same position over an extended period of time.

Licensing Office staff are now calling on the government to help protect their copyright for performing the mannequin challenge on the international stage; saying, they would like to be compensated for their invention.

The official said he has organised with his staff to protest this injustice by performing the mannequin challenge in their Port Of Spain branch everyday until the government intervenes on their behalf.

However, another senior official advised under condition of anonymity, that their services may still be accessible by passing a ‘lil thousand’ to almost any of the driving instructors that circulate Wrightson Road.



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