Man In Critical Condition After Mistiming Jump Unto Soca Warriors Bandwagon

A Valsayn man remains in critical condition today after a horribly mistimed jump unto the soca warriors bandwagon left him with a broken leg, 3 cracked ribs and a shattered ego. Eyewitnesses say that at around 9 pm Tuesday night, Liam McNicholls, who does not watch, play or follow sports in any capacity, was at a friends house viewing the national team’s 6-0 demolition of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, when he was struck by “ego” and suddenly became the foremost expert on all things football related.

According to reports, McNicholls then got into an argument with another person at the viewing party over Kenwayne Jones’ relevance in the national team. Things became heated and while no physical violence took place, eyewitnesses say Mr. McNicholls fell on the ground in pain after his own uneducated viewpoint was thoroughly destroyed.

“Boy all I see was Liam start to fight down a man after the man call Kenwayne Jones the second coming of Stern John,” said one eyewitness. “Liam get so mad, he start to jump up and down until he turned into Raymond Tim Kee”.

Economist Valmiki Arjoon has issued a warning to the population, saying,

“This kind of thing will unfortunately be more common as the recession progresses, as with less foreign exchange there less are foreign bandwagons to jump on, as people being are unable to afford merchandise from “big” teams. While this may be good in the short term, the public, and particularly the footballers should be concerned as bandwagonists tend to support the team fully while they are doing well, but will turn on their team like a mistreated pitbull the instant the team does not fulfill the unrealistic expectations that these people hold”.

Following the tragedy, The Ministry of Health has issued a warning that all bandwagonists should wear protective gear to prevent injury should any issues arise while they are wagon-hopping.




  1. What i saw was T&T bullying d SVG team 2 win a game. Wait until u meet d big guns and lft us c what your worth. Don’t come crying about u had a bad game. Just make sure u don’t get 6 and then come anx want 2 sue d federation 4 money. A set of losers.

    1. Do you really watch sports? I am so confused at the term “bullying” when used to address one team against another. How does one team “bully” another? Your goal in football is to dominate and to significantly outscore the other team. I would therefore say the Soca Warriors did an excellent job of executing the entire point of the game. You say when Trinidad get 6…so does that mean Trinidad will have been “bullied” into losing and taking 6? Or does that only apply when you want to find something negative to say about Trinidad’s team?

      Why voice your opinion if you are not happy for the team? If you do not respect the players or the sport, don’t watch. They had an excellent performance against another team and we should be happy for them. How they do against the other teams is left to be seen but if they don’t do well, it’s all in the sport. You get back up and keep moving.

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