President to be Weaned off Public Funds

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has clarified his statement about “weaning citizens off of public funds”, saying that public officials, including President Anthony Carmona, will not be spared.

The President, who is accused of spending over $2 million in public funds on wine and jewellery has denied these allegations. However, Rowley is determined to follow through with this plan of action, slashing the budget allocation to the office of the president by $6.7 million:

“Let us do some basic maths. Eric Williams became the father of this nation in 1962, when Carmona was just 9 years old. Now the president is a 63 year old man and if you ask me, 54 years is a long time for any child to still be breastfeeding”.

Meanwhile, First Lady Reema Carmona fired back by saying that she actually enjoys breastfeeding her husband, and blames Eric Williams for the country’s “dependency syndrome” referring to him as the “father of all breastfeeders”.



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