Study Finds Half of Trini Population Unaware of Other Half’s Plans for Last Minute Shopping

A report published by the Ministry of Trade and Industry has revealed that approximately half of T&T’s population is completely unaware of the other half’s plans to shop at the absolute last minute on Christmas Eve. The report was compiled using data on local shopping habits gathered over the last 50 years.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Jaques Arse, elaborated on the reports findings:

“Every year we have been witnessing the same thing. People leave their homes with the unrealistic expectation of completing their shopping on time. Even more tragic are those folks who rely on public transportation with the same expection. If you think finding an equal place for every creed and race was hard, try getting a maxi on the bus route after lunch.”

In spite of this revelation many Trinis still seem unconvinced, such as this resident of San Fernando whom we spoke with:

“It will be ah easy run. All I have to do is wake up early early and make a trip to the mall, get what I have to get and then ride out before the place get full”.

Unknown to the man however, 1,299,999 people are planning to do the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Estimates indicate that by 6 pm tomorrow evening, the 548,000 residents who live along the East-West Corridor will all be relying on  the few hundred maxi taxis that ply the route.

Meanwhile, Chaguanas’ 83,516 residents will be traversing narrow roads that are not able to accommodate such a volume of traffic.

International experts advise that some of the problems associated with the Christmas rush can be solved through decentralization.

Local experts however, say that decentralization will only happen when Trinidad overcomes its fear of sensible ideas.



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