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Trinidad to Trade Tobago for Guyana

With the T&T economy in recession, the recent discovery of a major oil well in Guyana has sparked particular attention to that nation’s economy. In light of this Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Keith Rowley will be taking steps to abandon Tobago and “adopt” Guyana in its place.

“For years scientists have been warning us that the petrochemical industry is unsustainable. Though that may be true, a union with Guyana means we won’t ever have to worry about that for generations to come”, Dr. Rowley said.

Rowley, who is himself a Tobagonian, hasn’t stated yet whether he will return to Tobago or continue serving Trinidad.

Meanwhile in Tobago, people are divided on the issue. Some are praising Dr. Rowley’s decision on granting them autonomy, saying that there is enough oil in the average Caribbean diet to power any small island in the West Indies. Others on the other hand are outraged, and are saying that Trinidadians have never respected Tobago in spite of our common heritage.

The Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM affairs is awaiting confirmation from the Guyanese government who wished them to “kerry yuh skunt”, an Amerindian phrase meaning peace and prosperity.



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