Arima Man Arrested for Looking Like Bunji Garlin

An Arima man is accusing the Police Service of injustice after claiming that he was wrongfully arrested for showing his support for Soca artiste, Bunji Garlin.

The man, Abraham Sutherland, says he tied a bandana around his face and walked the streets of Arima in solidarity with Bunji, who received criticism from Morning Edition host Fazeer Mohammed:

“Fazeer saying how Bunji promoting banditry for wearing a bandana around his face, and I find that was real nonsense. So I get my own bandana, tie it around my face and walk through Arima. All of a sudden somebody start to shout ‘Bandit! Bandit!’ and I run, ‘cause I don’t want to get rob either. A police van happened to be in the area and start driving behind me. Next thing I know, they jump out and put me in handcuffs.”

Meanwhile the TTPS is claiming that they had mistaken Mr. Sutherland for a robbery suspect known to prowl the area. Sutherland claims this is impossible, since the man they are looking for is white.

Asked if this means whether his next form of protest is to “buss they head”, Abraham paused to consider then said he wasn’t a big fan of Bunji in the first place.



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