Arouca Man Pledges Donation to Haiti Whenever Next Disaster Hits

After Hurricane Matthew left over a thousand people dead in Haiti, an Arouca man has reportedly promised to donate funds whenever the next natural disaster comes around. The man, known simply as “D’ Boss” claims that this is a result of him being short on cash among other things:

“To be honest I rel brokes these days. I have bills to pay, groceries to make. I does even put some money aside to play some Lotto. But if I win, of course I will have to make my little donation. Until then I will just have to wait until something else spring up. A earthquake, a hurricane, political instability, something.”

In the mean time he has created his own NGO called “Armchair Humanitarians”, an organisation dedicated to changing Facebook profile pictures to the flags of countries affected by natural disasters, war, famine and terrorism:

“I not too sure what changing a picture does do, but I guess it does do something ’cause everybody doing it.”



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