Ian Alleyne To Star In Biopic: 12 Years A House Slave

As a man who has devoted the past 12 years of his life to delivering performance after performance, Ian Alleyne now feels as though he is ready for the grandest performance of his life in the form of film.

The Crime Watch show host took to facebook to inform his fans that he will be shifting from TV to the silver screen after being unceremoniously removed from the airwaves of CNC3.

The film, which he revealed is in the early stages of pre-production, is said to be a biopic focusing on Alleyne’s journey in the public spotlight over the past 12 years. Viewers can expect to relive the tribulations of the troubled serf: from humble beginnings seeking a massa on international television circa Zen, to his great victories bending over for Sheron’s Auto, the Sabga Clan and the mother of the Nation – all at the same time.

Alleyne said that his loyalty to his various masters, who kept him well fed and well clothed over the years, would be the one factor tying the film together across its 12 year time span.

However, Alleyne said that the film would reach its climax when one particular massa would expose their ungratefulness for the entire world to see. This part of the story he said is still being written as it unfolds in real time.

Throughout his facebook post, Alleyne appeared to ramble at length about unfair treatment from this one particular massa. Sources close to the host say that this is his way of ‘getting in character’ for the film and that we can expect many more unhinged remarks as production’s starting date draws nearer.

When asked exactly which massa Alleyne was referring to, the source seemed unsure. The source did however caution that Alleyne may have confused one of his massa’s at CNC3 with the current PNM government, which would be understandable given the quantity of massas Alleyne struggles to please on any given day.





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