Invasive Pest Spotted in Rowley’s Cabinet

A parasitic organism has been spotted in the kitchen cabinet of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. The pest, known by its scientific name marlenus banditus, is responsible for damages in the communities of Port-of-Spain South. Rowley is said to have let the pest into his cabinet himself.

Respected biologist Dr. Brooke N. Rubbers warned the Late O’Clock News about the dangers of m. banditus:

“As a parasite, this organism evolved to starve its host of resources. It is known to hoard these resources for only itself and its family.”

Citizens are advised to exercise caution when approaching m. banditus, as the pest in known to act aggressively by puffing hot air and inflating its ego when approached. As of yet, no methods of extermination or removal have been discovered due to the unwillingness of the average Trinidadian to remove these parasites from the country.

It is unclear why the Prime Minister would allow such a blood-sucking organism into his own cabinet in spite of the damage it is known to cause. According to sources however, both Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament have been infested with various parasitic organisms, and is in dire need of a clean up.



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