Local Bandit to Release Own Version of Uber

One week after it was announced that American online transport network Uber will be operating in Trinidad “very soon”, area bandit and self-professed “badman” (known only by his alias “Gang-Star”) contacted the Late O’Clock News to spread the word of his own version of the app called “Gunta”. According to Star, Gunta will provide kidnapping and getaway driving services for “all your criminal needs”.

“ ‘Gunta’ was inspired by the absence of innovation we find present in our twin isle republic, and the lack of opportunities that exist for bandits locally. I therefore took it upon myself to create a product which will meet the transportation need of every gangster who desires to commit a crime, but lack the means to do so.”

Star, the son of a local drug lord is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Science, Technology and Society. Despite his family’s wealth, Star said though his father was impressed with his entrepreneurial abilities he told him that he must execute his plans without any “bottle feeding”.

“My father started off as a drug mule and worked his way to the top. He told me to always work hard for what I want and if that fails, to just take what I want. So in order to launch my business I had to carjack a few people so that I can acquire the necessary number of vehicles.”

Star says that he also plans to purchase two boats by mid-next year to expand his services to drug/arms smuggling, and human trafficking. He also hopes to combat unemployment within the criminal communities due to recent job cuts as a result of the recession.



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